Movies of the Weekend: Variety Pack (January 14)

This series of posts will offer any reader a quality selection of 3 movies without the hassle of looking for films to watch for the weekend, or even the rest of the week.  Every Saturday will bring along a new theme, which I will try to keep varied as time goes on.  Some of the movies I recommend won’t be reviewed yet, however that does not mean I haven’t seen them.  Each film is hand picked by me and only relies on my personal opinion of the movie.  Also, all of the movies that I haven’t reviewed yet, I do hope to review at some point in the future!  Finally, the idea behind this week’s theme, variety pack, is to offer a list of movies that are all starkly different from each other, to provide a film to fit anyone’s mood!

1. “American Psycho” (2000)


With it’s outrageous nature, “American Psycho”, starring Christian Bale, will cause audience members to find themselves thoroughly enjoying this satire of the shielded, wall street culture of the 80s.  The movie follows Patrick Bateman, a successful wall street businessman, who enjoys listening to sheen new music, being wealthy, doing little work at his position as an investment banker, taking care of his physique, and being a psychopath serial killer.   This movie is dark, sadistic, and quite funny.  What really stands out about this film is that the narration is done by Bateman himself, giving us as the audience  insight into his twisted mind, which opens us up to some fantastic, materialistic based humor.  Although the third act can feel weaker compared to the rest of the movie, this is bound to be a movie night hit.


2. “Risky Business” (1983)


The movie that launched Tom Cruise into super stardom and having one of the most memorable scenes of all time, it’s hard to ask for much more in a movie.  “Risky Business” stars Tom Cruise as Joel, a high school student that decides to have some fun when his parents go away, leaving him home alone.  He quickly learns however, that hiring a prostitute to come over to your parent’s house when you are still in high school isn’t such a great idea.  Cruise uses his acting range really well here to portray a high school student; being able to switch from acting brash and making impulse decisions in one scene, to having an emotional downturn from his previous actions in the next.  “Risky Business” is a classic American film, filled with witty humor and timeless quotes that you won’t forget.  This is a top-notch film, and if you have any doubts about this movie, “Sometimes, you gotta say what the f***.”


3. “Looper” (2012)


A movie that was not seen enough and is now mostly forgotten about, “Looper” stars Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a future where the mob uses the outlawed technology of time travel to send targets back in time to have a hired gun kill them so there is no trace of the body.  However, the hired gun eventually will have to “close the loop”, which means that the hired gun will have to kill him/her future self.  This is done to prevent the mob from ever being exposed.  With this, the hired gun is handsomely rewarded and is allowed to live out his/her life lavishly until the mob needs to “close the loop”.  This is where we find ourselves in “Looper” except, Gordon-Levitt accidentally lets his future self, Bruce Willis, escape when he is sent back to close his loop.  Willis then begins to attempt a rampant mission to prevent the horrible future that awaits Gordon-Levitt/himself.  The premise of this movie is insane, and what’s even more crazy is how well it works.  The action scenes are great, the film is also extremely pleasing to the eye, and it is filled with strong acting from both lead actors.  If you are looking for something that’s different, mind bending, and has some exceptional action scenes, I highly recommend giving this movie a watch.


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