Movies of the Weekend: Variety Pack (January 14)

This series of posts will offer any reader a quality selection of 3 movies without the hassle of looking for films to watch for the weekend, or even the rest of the week.  Every Saturday will bring along a new theme, which I will try to keep varied as time goes on.  Some of the movies I recommend won’t be reviewed yet, however that does not mean I haven’t seen them.  Each film is hand picked by me and only relies on my personal opinion of the movie.  Also, all of the movies that I haven’t reviewed yet, I do hope to review at some point in the future!  Finally, the idea behind this week’s theme, variety pack, is to offer a list of movies that are all starkly different from each other, to provide a film to fit anyone’s mood! Continue reading


Review: “Manchester by the Sea”


“Manchester by the Sea” stars Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler, a quiet, boorish janitor who is called back to Manchester after his brother, Joe Chandler (played by Kyle Chandler), passes away.  There, he mourns his brother’s death, as well as handles the difficulties of becoming the new guardian for Joe’s only child Patrick (played by Lucas Hedges), forcing Lee to face his past.  We follow these two in an agonizing story of hardships and mishaps as Lee tries to figure out what is best for both of them in one of the most heart wrenching movies of the year. Continue reading

Review: “Inside Llewyn Davis”

llewyn-blog-pic“Inside Llewyn Davis” starring Oscar Isaac as Llewyn Davis, takes us along with Llewyn, an unlikeable folk singer, as he attempts to traverse a rocky and misfortunate trail ahead as he tries to break onto the music scene alongside a few cats he finds on the way.  This movie takes a true look at authentic folk music and how it was changing through the 60s, and the difficulties of trying to keep the authenticity of folk music as an artist.  Through Llewyn’s exhausting journey to “make it” while attempting to stay authentic to the music and himself we see his heartfelt side and his ugly side, causing us as the audience to see a muddled impression of who Llewyn truly is. Continue reading